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Bauer Concast 504 Multi-purpose Epoxy Putty
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Bauer Evercote 308
Bauer Evercote 308
  • Cures with 100% gloss finish.
  • Adheres strongly to damp or wet surfaces.
  • Colour stable.
  • High acid and chemical resistance.
  • Withstands steam cleaning.
  • Meets WHO International Standard for drinking water (reference 245:1981).
Package Size

A:B  5 Kg./Set

        10 Kg./Set


For waterproofing]

to kinchen,toilet, swimming pools and other wet areas.
to RC Flat roof and gutters.

For sealing internal concrete tank,vessels and pipes.
For chemical resistance flooring and walls.

in food processing industries, dairies, breweries, bottling plants and manufactories
As a excellent ultra-violet resisitance, anti chemical anti rust.

Anti corrosion coating to mild steel metal roof or structure materials
As a anti dusting coating to clean room.
As anti microbiologcal growth (anti algae) coating for drinking water tank or fish rearing tanks.

To protect marine structure from sea water ingress and subsequent spalling.

Technical Downloads

Evercote 308 Epoxy resin a versatile, problem solving, sovent free epoxy formulation suitable for a wide range of industrial application. It can be used for concrete protection and restoration, as well as an anti-corrosive coating for metal surfaces.

With its easy flowing, good penetration and non shrink properties, EC308 will effectively fill and seal all tiny pores and pinholes present in the concrete surfaces. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance and will resist any attack by salt water.

This is a hydrophilic (water loving) epoxy while curing. It can be applied in damp or very humid conditions, and will cure in adverse weather conditions EC308 always finishes to a smooth and glossy coating, free from pinholes
This finished glossy surface contains properties which are able to reflect ultra-violet rays from the sun.



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